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Rare Cask Society Whisky Art Project IV Yoshio Honjo – Yoshitsune (Port Cask Matured, Sake Finish) ABV 64.2%

For the first time, Japanese Sake has been applied in seasoning both finishing casks of sublime, aged single malt Tasmanian Whisky, creating two unique expressions: an ex-Port Cask (Commander Yoshitsune) and an ex-Sherry Cask (Lady Shizuka). This is by far our most exciting Project to be delivered being a world-first release of a Japanese Sake-finished whisky pairing.

Our 4th Edition has been seven years in the making. this release has been patiently and personally crafted in collaboration with celebrated Japanese-Australian artist Yoshio Honjo; and the award-winning Overeem distillery in Huntingfield, Tasmania.

Read more about Project IV Here


Chestnut leaves in late autumn


Wandering through a Japanese cedarwood shrine. Sprinkled Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and seaweed on warm rice.


A platter of overripe figs, charred bacon strips and raw honey. An opulent mouthfeel, layered with warmth, intensity and melted indulgent portions of 80% dark chocolate.


An enduring, lingering finish that warms the chest and begs for more. Ridiculously delicious.


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