Our story is simply
about our love of whisky

Rare Cask Society is a small company with big aspirations.

We are avid enthusiasts of single malt whisky, and have dreams of retiring to travel the world in search of the perfect dram. We believe that each cask is unique, and tasting it provides a glimpse into the production methods, craftsmanship, maturation and climate in which it was matured.

Our aim is to make these unique casks and selected rare whiskies available for all to taste, enjoy and discuss. In addition, we have formed the Whisky Art Project – read more here.

If you like our selection of independent bottlings; whisky paraphernalia; and premium hard-to-find whisky, please join the project and support us.  Oh, by the way, we are based in Melbourne, Australia!

And have a dram or two whilst browsing!

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