Whisky Art Project

The Whisky Art Project” was conceived in Melbourne, Australia over a few long nights, and many thoughtful drams of hard to find Japanese whisky. Could our passion for Rare Whisky and Art be combined in an online collaborative project with artists from anywhere in the globe?

If Kandinsky tried to paint music, how would different contemporary artists depict the taste of special whiskies?

Each individual cask is personally sourced and selected from a partner distillery, then sampled and reviewed by us, with accompanying tasting notes. Project artists are then invited to sample the casks themselves and design the labels of each cask – based on their experience and taste of the whisky.

The bottlings will be run in limited one-off editions of 20-30 numbered and signed bottles by each artist.

It is here!

Lets Collaborate

We are interested in hearing from both Artists and partner Distilleries who are interested in being part of this project – Please contact us below.