Whisky Art Project


“Labels in contemporary life have become, like many things today, more digitally designed which betrays the very sense of how whisky is created. Like artwork, it should be nurtured into existence, so it was natural to paint the label for a crafted product that is made with great insight and intelligence,”

-David Bromley.

The Whisky Art Project was established in 2016 by the owners and co-directors of Rare Cask Society, Cavan Wee and Colin Hui who are close friends and share a passion for single malt whisky and art.

With a keen interest in whisky product and distilling – from cask provenance, climate, distillation methods and maturation – the pair decided to collaborate with both established and emerging Artists, and create their own independent label. And so, the Whisky Art Project was born.

The concept was to combine the best quality, hand-selected casks of single malt whisky; with an artwork created specifically for each release – making each individual hand-numbered bottle a collectable and unique Whisky Art Edition.

At Rare Cask Society we are a small but passionate business.

We believe that businesses must have a social conscience and make a meaningful contribution to the local community.

Part proceeds from every Whisky Art Project sale will support a charitable cause nominated by the respective Artist and Rare Cask Society.

We would love to hear from you if you are an artist, distiller, charitable organisation seeking to collaborate; or simply wish to drop us a line with any thoughts, ideas or comments on the Whisky Art Project. Contact us in the section below!

Lets Collaborate

We are interested in hearing from both Artists and partner Distilleries who are interested in being part of this project – Please contact us below.