Remy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar No. 28 Fine Champagne Cognac

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Otherwise known as ‘La Selection du Maitre du Chai’ (cellar master’s selection), this is a blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie packaged in the same decorative decanter as used for Remy Martin’s XO Excellence Cognac.

The concept behind the Cellar selections is to focus on the diversity of environments in Remy Martin’s 29 fully underground cellars. No.28 is characterised by optimal ageing conditions and by the predominance of old casks, the latter infusing the cognac with appealing candied fruit notes. No.28 is the all-round favourite of the company’s Cellar Masters, tending to mature brandies with the greatest ageing potential where they benefit from the consistent humidity and temperature.


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Notes from Remy


candied fruits notes such as plum, raisins, and hazelnut, rounded by a touch of honey


Complex flavors of fruit jam thanks to a long aging in old casks, combined with hints of bee’s wax, clove, and leather


Long with spices, fruits and peels

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700 ml

Alcohol Content


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