Whisky Art Project III: More than just a whisky

“Whisky is such a tactile possession – from the pour into the glass, the colour, the aroma and warmth it cultivates – you take it in with your eyes, your nose, your mouth; your complete senses. This piece incorporates the elements of the face – the foundational component of an artist’s practice – in a sensual way,” – David Bromley.

On 18 August 20, we have successfully launched our third release online.  Our 3rd Edition has been personally crafted in collaboration with celebrated Australian artist David Bromley, and Head Distiller/Owner David Kernke, at Shene Estate & Distillery, Tasmania.

The year 2020 has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play. Right now, Covid-19 is impacting us socially, mentally, economically and financially, while some Australian families are even worse off due to the devastating bush fires, storms and cyclones that hit the east coast of Australia in 2019 and early 2020.

That is why we have decided to contribute to making a positive social impact through our Whisky Art Projects!  As part of this collaboration, an exclusive auction of bottles autographed by Bromley will also be held to raise funds for bushfire relief in Australia. All profit from the auction will be donated to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in support of the Bushfire Relief.  We will aim to support different causes for each release from here on!

Yes, we love our whisky, yes, we love our art, yes, we love the collaboration, but more importantly, yes, we want to make a positive impact in our society!  Let’s drink to that!

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