Tasmanian Whisky: World’s Best at Home

First of all, let’s give a shout out to ‘Tasmania Whisky Week’ between 13 and 19 August 2018!

Isn’t it wonderful to have some of the best whiskies in the world just across the Bass Strait!

Ever since the amazing Sullivan Cove French Oak HH525 won the world whisky awards in 2014, it propelled Australian whiskies to the world stage. Apart from Sullivan’s Cove, other Tasmanian whiskies have also dominated the winner circle, how about the Pinot Cask RD090 from Old Kempton Distillery (Redlands), Port Cask OHD-099 from Overeem Distillery, Lark’s heavily Peated Port Cask and Mackey Tasmanian Port Cask just to name a few. If you like cask strength, then try Heartwood! We are spoiled for choices! By the way, hunt for a bottle called The Exile, if you find it, taste it, it is worth every penny!

There is no multi-million marketing campaign run by LVMH here!

Whisky is not always about awards, there is a lot more to it in Australia. Despite the tremendous growth in the past ten years, the whisky industry in Tasmania ($20 million per annum) is still relatively small compared to Scotch market ($4.9 billion per annum), but this is where the charm is.

Tell me, where in the world can you just walk in a distillery and be greeted by the master distiller and the owners! This authentic, down to earth connection is invaluable. The stories are real, the people are passionate!  There is no multi-million marketing campaign run by LVMH here!

tasmania map

The journey to find a Tasmanian whisky may be hard, but it is the fun to hunt! Perhaps an easier way is to take time off to visit Tasmania between 13 and 19 August!






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