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Rare Cask Society Whisky Art Project #1 – Batch #2 Eagle

$295.00 AUD

About the Whisky

Very Limited production of only 143 bottles at 53% ABV.  Single Cask.  Non-chill filtered Single Malt Whisky.  We have purchased the last remaining cask from a closed distillery in South Australia, aged 5 years in American Oak Port Casks.

Sourced from the same cask as ‘Tyger’, but unlike Tyger which is bottled at dangerous level of 66% ABV, Eagleis levelled at 53% AVB.  The ‘Eagle’ is often regarded as the ‘king of the skies’, with its keen eyes symbolising strength, courage, truth, majesty and power.  It accompanies his ‘Tyger’ painting bestowed on our first release.

About the Artist:

Datsun Tran is a South Australian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked in radio, theatre, comics and animation.

Tran’s work has varied in style and subject matter over the past 15 years, and while it has primarily featured the natural world, the work is about us, the human story.  His work has explored themes of conflict, utopia and personal identity.

Tran has exhibited all over Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.  He has had over 25 solo and group shows, exhibited in over 30 art fairs and has been a finalist in over 20 art prizes.

Follow Datsun for his latest artwork on Instagram:  datsuntran

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Maple syrup glistening in the sun.


Ripe plums, Spices and mint. A refreshing walk through a dry meadow, with leather and wood.


Lightly sweet, cooked orange peel, with some dry dark chocolate. Followed by some white pepper and a hint of nutmeg.


Good complexity and length on the finish with some roasted almonds!


Weight 1.8 kg
Single or Blended



500 ml


5 years

Alcohol Content



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