Longrow RED Triple Set – Chilean Cab Sav, Malbec & Pinot Noir Cask Matured

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Good things come in Threes!

Here we have three Limited Edition Longrow Red: Malbec Cask matured, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon cask matured and Pinot Noir cask matured. REDs are usually first matured in bourbon barrels, followed by a specialised cask maturation process. Needless to say, Longrow Reds are sought after and gone quickly. This is your opportunity to collect three bottles in one go! Enjoy the peaty and special tasting profile that comes with the three different casks!


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Malbec Cask:  Melted butter-mentol lozenge, honeycomb, dark chocolate, white pepper, vanilla

Pinot Noir: Strawberry cream cake and berry, chocolate peat

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Roasted oak and simmered fruit, followed by boozy red wine richness and some festive spice.


Malbec Cask: Balanced creamy peat, little salt and pepper combine with sweek oak and toasted marshmallow.

Pinot Noir: Meaty with a mesquite wood-smoke edge, cherry coconut slice, berry and dark chocolate theme

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Powerful cherry and blackcurrant, with a touch of jamminess to it. Smoke stands up to the sweetness, giving it a savoury, almost salty edge.


Malbec Cask: Long finish, with vanilla and honey finish

Pinot Noir: Long finish, shortbread and dried apricot.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Long finish, with dark chocolate, rootsy herbs and a hint of tobacco.

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