Whisky Flights and Events

There is nothing better than getting together with whisky enthusiasts to discuss and sample hard-to-find whisky.

We are committed to organising unique tasting experiences and documenting special events – we just need a quorum of whisky enthusiasts to make it happen.

Please Note: Each of these Whisky Flights is subject to a minimum quorum of attendees to make it happen. Register first with no obligation, and we will contact you when we have sufficient numbers to arrange a date and venue.

Flight #1:
Very Rare Japanese Whisky Flight

Join us at a selected partner venue for nibbles, in depth-discussion and a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste and compare:

  • Yamazaki 18 year old
  • Hibiki 21 year old
  • Hakushu 18 year old
  • Taketsuru 21 year old
  • There is nothing more special than being able to compare in one sitting these award-winning and very difficult to obtain Japanese whiskies.

Location: Melbourne
Price: AUD$


Flight #2:
Discreet Japanese Distilleries Whisky Flight

Join us to explore, compare and discuss these hidden Japanese distilleries:

  • Ichiros Malt Double Distilled
  • Yamazakura
  • Togouchi
  • Kirin Sanroku
  • Japanese whisky is not just about the big powerhouse names. These smaller boutique distilleries have a long history in Japan and their own story to tell. Join us to taste, compare and learn about these distilleries.

Location: Melbourne
Price: AUD$


Flight #3:
Vertical Taketsuru Pure Malt

Join us at a selected partner venue for nibbles, discussion and a vertical tasting of:

  • Taketsuru Pure Malt NAS
  • Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 year old
  • Taketsuru Pure Malt 17 year old
  • Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 year old
  • We will discuss the history of the distillery, Japanese climate, and compare tasting notes across the vertical selection from Taketsuru.

Location: Melbourne
Price: AUD$


We invite you follow our reviews of both our own tastings and those that we attend. More to follow”.