Celebrating with the Australian Whisky Appreciation Society

AWAS 1200

We recently shared our love with the Australian Whisky Appreciation Society, celebrating their 4th anniversary at the NSW event at the Doss House and Victoria event at Whisky and Alement. The feedback was really positive and members loved our whisky!

One of the members quoted “I started off with Australian whisky before going to scotch, and the Eagle has far more character than the others. Such a long finish. Absolutely Marvellous!”

Nothing makes us feel happier when people enjoy our work and selection of rare cask!

We just want to say a big ‘THANK YOU!’ to the AWAS organisers Niko Devlin and Deni Kay, our champions! As well as the Doss House and Whisky and Alement for agreeing to host the event!  By the way, Eagle will be served at the Doss House in the near future, the only place you can taste our whisky in NSW!

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