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  • Nikki 1200 The Return of Discontinued Aged-Statement Japanese Whisky: When?

    A few weeks ago, several reports surfaced on the internet indicated that more Japanese Whisky will be discontinuation. The announcement was made by Suntory and Nikka in January 2019. This time, it will affect Nikka 12, Nikka Coffey Malt and Nikka Coffey Grain, Chita 350mL, Suntory Kakubin White Label and Suntory Kakubin. Let’s recap, the […]

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  • sorasak-252182-unsplash 1200 Karuizawa 軽井沢

    If you are whisky collector, a Japanese whisky fan, whisky investor or read any news about whisky, you would have heard about Karuizawa. Generally, most blogs will start with an introduction about the distillery, how it is closed, and all the casks are owned by Number One Drinks, managed by person name Eric Huang, who […]

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  • Christmas Tree 1200 Christmas is Almost Here!

    I can hardly believe there are only four more weeks to Christmas! Some can’t wait to see what will be under the Christmas tree, while others are stressed out about what to put under the Christmas tree!  Buy Christmas gifts can be fun yet stressful.  If whisky is part of your Christmas shopping list, we intend […]

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  • macallan 1200 James Bond Can’t afford this Macallan!

    Another record was broken in the whisky world in 2018! A 60-year-old, 1926 Macallan was auctioned in Hong Kong for $1.01 million!  It is safe to say James Bond can’t afford this one! “An aged statement is a symbol of prestige, rarity and more importantly, a piece of history!” Google the most expensive whisky, the top […]

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  • IMG_6668 1200 Tasmanian Whisky: World’s Best at Home

    First of all, let’s give a shout out to ‘Tasmania Whisky Week’ between 13 and 19 August 2018! Isn’t it wonderful to have some of the best whiskies in the world just across the Bass Strait! Ever since the amazing Sullivan Cove French Oak HH525 won the world whisky awards in 2014, it propelled Australian […]

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  • wall street colour v1 1200 Whisky: To Invest or Not to Invest, that is the Question

    The whisky market is growing significantly.  In the scotch whisky export analysis report 2017 published by Scotch Whisky Association, Single Malt Scotch Whisky continues to grow, with an increase of 14% year-on-year to £1.17bn, reflecting a trend towards premium products in global markets. Given the growing demand for a product that takes literally years to produce.  […]

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  • Hibiki_17_dark Hibiki 17 & Hakushu 12 discontinued! What’s next?

    On 16 May 2018, I received a message, ‘Have you heard? It’s official! Hibiki 17 stop in September and Hakushu 12 stopping next month!’ This news literally rocked the whisky world! What was already a difficult whisky to find, instantly became nearly impossible. Naturally, the market responded, the principle of supply and demand kicked in, […]

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  • About Rare Cask Soceity - Whisky Cask Hello Rare Cask Society

    Rare Cask Society officially started on 22 July 2016 and officially begin trading on December 16, but our journey started a little over 12 months before that over a wonderful night of catch up. At the time, there was a growing trend about whisky.Whisky was gaining traction in the younger generation, fueled by Jim Murry’s […]

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